Baker Family Chiropractic Centers

Job Title: Chiropractor

Education Requirement: Doctorate in Chiropractic

Experience Requirement: None

Special Requirement: Chiropractic License from the State of California; X-Ray

Supervisor and Operator License; and Current Malpractice Insurance.

Job Type: Full Time

• Examine a patient’s spine and determine nerve function using range of motion, spinal palpation,

and orthopedic and neurological tests to determine diagnosis;

• X-ray a patient’s spine and extremities to confirm the diagnosis and determine a prognosis;

• Plan individual chiropractic treatment programs for patients;

• Manipulate the spine and extremities of patients;

• Plan, and instruct patients in, a program of home stretches and exercises;

• Utilize a variety of modalities, including inter-segmental, lumbar, and cervical traction,

diathermy, cryo-therapy, and ultrasound;

• Monitor patients’ progress and refer them to other appropriate professionals for further diagnosis

and treatment (e.g. neurologist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, physical therapist) when

recovery is slower than expected;

• Instruct patients in the use of orthopedic supplies (e.g. cervical pillow, lumbar support, lumbarsacral belt);

• Instruct Chiropractic Assistants and other staff in the provision of treatment to patients;

• Respond to report requests by doctors, insurance companies, and lawyers.

Hours: 40+hrs/week

Please send resume here.

Attn: Brian Herline/Owner and President

2150 Scenic Dr.

Modesto, CA 95355